Creative Direction Part 1

As you may or may not know, I have recently joined the team at Over as the Creative Director. Now, personally, titles don't mean much. A title is a title is a title. But it's what you do with that title that really makes a difference. I think this is why I've never tried to brand myself under a different name. I've always felt a greater sense of freedom by branding myself and being able to change at will. So I feel like one of the greatest lessons I'm going to learn this year is how to inject that same sense of freedom and liberty I've had on my own into a different brand/company. On one hand I feel a great amount of pressure and on the other I feel total freedom. Whether or not I like the title "Creative Director" it comes packed with responsibility. But the great part is that I can trust myself to lead by my past experiences. I'm not pretending to know it all, or that I'll always make the right decisions, but that I will learn from my mistakes and celebrate my victories.

One of the reasons I decided to take this position with Over is I started thinking more about my future than just the here and now. While I experienced some great success last year on my own, I am really excited by the leaps and bounds I will make this year with my new team. It may sound weird, but I am not the smartest person on our team, and I think that's the perfect place to be. Otherwise, what's the point? However, more than knowledge and skill, my team is full of grace and hearts of gold. That right there makes all the difference in the world.