Sit Down and Work

As I was working on my new price guide for this year these words just sorta stumbled onto the screen. And I knew they were true the moment I read them. This isn't something, however, that I just discovered in a moment of clarity. This is a work in progress. This is a reminder when I feel like all inspiration is lost and nothing, I do, is worth a damn. This is the step of faith required in the creative process to put one foot in front of the other without knowing where it might lead. Because it is in the single steps, the sitting down, that we find our path before us. Whereas before I thought it only upon the wings of emotion did inspiration soar in and fill my work, now I see that it's a determined effort and willingness to work that we find our inspiration. All that surrounds us is just waiting for us to stop staring at the blank page and make our first mark.

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