Inspired by Luxory

I have never been to New York in the summer before. People spilling over in the streets. Tourists. The muggy subway gasping for breath underground. Long walks down the Lower East Side to grab coffee. Getting to experience the city in all its heated glory was everything I hoped for. There is a certain kind of expectation in the summer air. Some sort of hopeful attitude about the future and how refreshing it is to be outside under the open sky.

Part of my experience with the #ReinventObsession campaign was to show how the HP Spectre fits into my creative process. And I was stoked to hear that the fine folks from HP wanted to send me to New York for the Panorama festival. We talked through some initial concepts and decided that it would be a cool idea if I painted the front of a DJ booth inside one of the HP tents. So I set off on my journey. My process always involves absorbing as much information I can about the product/brand and seeing how I can interpret their vibe in my own way.

For me it came down to one word // Luxory.

I was inspired by the simple color scheme (black + gold) of the Spectre. I wanted to create a feeling of moving while standing still. Being in the city I couldn't help but feel this energy and movement from everything around me. I wanted to introduce that feeling of movement into my work. But combining the two, luxory and movement, together was my biggest challenge. Once I began to play around and have fun I came up with a great interpretation. By separating each letter and twisting/turning them to form more of a pattern I was able to create a sense of movement and energy that wasn't there before.

I believe anything worth making is worth making well. Doesn’t matter how big/small it is. There is no job too small. Meaning, we don’t always have to be the face on the cover or the most popular to make an impact. In fact I’m often more inspired by the unassuming and inconspicuous people/places/things. I feel like there was a common theme being played out on my trip to New York. I wasn't on the main stage. I wasn't front and center. But once you stepped inside you were able to discover something you didn't expect. And for me that's exactly what I was hoping for.

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