That's a Wrap

Over the past 3 months I've spent time getting to know the new HP Spectre. I've traveled from sea to shining sea, from LA to NYC, getting to meet people and discover more behind the brand and what makes it so great. And through it all I've been quite impressed by how simple and sleek this little laptop is. For me, there is nothing greater than simplicity. And that is no easy task to accomplish. Much respect to HP for making something that stands out from the competition without all the annoying bells and whistles that other companies frivolously add just for a competitive edge.

It's less about what you add to it, and more what you take away that people will remember.

Whether I'm working in the studio at home or out and about I always like to travel light. Doing more with less has become a big statement in my work. It isn't what kind of tools you're using, but rather how you're able to use the tools you've been given to make a difference. We have to learn how to maximize our limitations and be the best versions of ourselves we can be. But what the hell does any of this have to do with a laptop you may be asking yourself — I'm glad you asked. I look at it like this, technology in all it's glory still has it's own set of limitations and it's up to us, up to me, to find where we will allow technology to begin and end in the creative process.

Listen, in the end it's all about how you make them feel. Forget the ten thousand hours, forget all the fancy equipment, forget even the notoriety and accolades — if you don't remain true to your word and humble in your approach then you aren't going to make it very far. People remember more about the way you make them feel than anything else. That's what these past 3 months have taught me. I feel I'm walking away with a greater appreciation for not just HP but for the real people I've gotten to meet and work alongside of on this project. It's all about people, in everything we do. Even when it comes to computers.

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