Jason Fried

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Share Everything with Everyone I love helping to bring people together because I know we all learn from each other's mistakes as well as successes. So when I watched Jason Fried speek at the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) 4 Conference last week I was inspired by what he had to say.

In short he compared how chef's have no fear of showing people how to cook the food they love to cook to the way companies fear sharing their information. It was interesting and thought provoking because so many people in the business world want to keep their work a secret, filing patent's and lawsuits day after day. But what Jason says throws all the rules out the window, and it really hit home for me where I agree that we should loosen up and open up our ideas, our visions, our best-practices and share with everyone how to do what we do. Because when we do something well we shouldn't be afraid of sharing that with others in fear that they might do it better than us. That's nonsense.

Here is a short summary of the things I've learned so far and don't mind sharing with you:

  1. Disappointments make you stronger in the end
  2. Forgiveness always wins over a grudge
  3. Brush your teeth before bed
  4. Always pack an extra pair of socks
  5. Listen to your spouse
  6. Knowing God doesn't happen just one day a week
  7. Keep a record of your important contacts on paper
  8. Learn the shortcut keys in photoshop
  9. Dwelling on the past hinders your future
  10. Always, always, always return phone calls, emails, tweets, or other forms of contact

Now it's your turn. I would like to hear what you have to share from the lessons you've learned in life, design and faith. Then I will compile the results I get over the next few weeks and put them in one large post, similar to what I did on my "Branded Designers" post. Also, if you'd like to include a link back to yourself please include your website and/or your twitter name.

Share everything you know and don't be afraid.

Thanks everyone.