Redesigning Myself Part 3

kyle steed redesigning myself part three So far we've looked at the events in my life and the creative process it took to lead to my new design. The other area I want to cover is how my faith has played a part in this whole ordeal. But I don't think it will be as easy to convey as my design process was, it's a bit difficult to make a wireframe of my faith. But nonetheless, I will fill you in with what God has been showing me.

Maturity and the Joy of Suffering

We learn by those things we suffer. Whether that be in life, design or faith.

"...though He was a Son, yet He learned obedience by the things which He suffered." Hebrews 5:8

In my relationship with God, the times I suffer are always the most rewarding. It doesn't always feel good to me at the time, but looking back on the hardships and bumps in the road I can see how I was being perfected.

In the same way that I suffer in my faith, I can relate that to design. Working with a difficult client, or on a stressful project, is a great way to exercise my faith. When things are going good it's really easy to forget the grace of God. But when times are tough and we struggle just for an ounce of inspiration, we are quick to remember the one who brings us peace.

During this redesign process I became completely overwhelmed and frustrated with the direction I was headed. No amount of outside inspiration could help, in fact it was hurting worse. That's when I had to take a break and rest from it all. I spent a week in Florida with no computer and no focus on design at all. It allowed my mind to clear and prepare a path for new ideas. When I got back home I felt refreshed and more at peace with not having to get my design done right away.

Growing Up is Hard To Do

"... though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God's word all over again..." Hebrews 5:12

Living a life of "what ifs" is a fantasy. Running from responsibility to fulfill our own desires is foolish. But thankfully, Jesus came to fulfill the law and set us free from having to be perfect. This is where His Grace comes in. So as I learn to grow up and face responsibility I am free to make mistakes along the way. And most assuredly I will. But it doesn't excuse my mistakes. No, rather it offers me the chance to get back on my feet, dust myself off, and try again.

We can use those little victories in our lives to pull strength from in time of need. When I feel defeated I like to remember all I had to overcome in the military. I didn't go to war physically, but there was a great spiritual war going on.

Our faith should be one of utmost dependence on our Heavenly Father.

So when I design something the process usually involves a lot of changes. Sometimes I get started on the right track the first time, but more often I end up having to go back and refine my original idea. The arrogance that I could get it right the first time is how I operated when I first started out designing. But over time I have been humbled enough to know that even though I may start on the right track, there is still room for improvement.

Bringing It All Together

The design process is an integral part of my maturity just as my life is an integral part of my faith. They are all interwoven together to form the fabric of what makes me, me. For example, I can't live my life without being a Christian, just as I can't live my life without creating something. That's as simple as I can put it.

I hoped this series helped give you a greater insight to the choices I made for my new design. If you haven't already, please go back and read Part 1 and Part 2.

Thanks again to everyone who continues to support me and show their love by leaving comments and re-tweeting. You rock.