thoughts on creativity

creative thoughts

"Creativity is more important than knowledge" -Albert Einstein

Over the past month I've turned my focus more internally to see what I might find. It's easy for me to find a new activity and become so engrossed in it that I lose site of the more important things. And this blog was becoming that distraction for me. Not that I regret it or think anything negative of it. Because my blog was, and will remain, a great tool for me to share who I am. But it's important for me to stop and look around once in a while at what my desire each day is set on.

The week before Christmas really took a toll on me. I was under a heavy workload with a tight deadline and all I could focus on was just making it through one more day. I didn't want to stop and enjoy the day for what it was. I was taking time for granted. I was being selfish with how I spent my time. And then I had to get all the pre-travel plans in order. Not that any of this is worth mentioning, but it felt like a heavy load to bare.

Can creativity really be lost once we've found it?

Why do I feel so empty and unable to make anything worthwhile?

Sometimes the easiest answers are always the ones we don't see. But when I drift away on some rickety float in to the middle of self-doubt I don't see anything but negative space all around me. A void. Yet the simplest things like a child smiling or the sky at sunset can turn my heart from red to green. And then I feel free again to accelerate in life. Because the real truth is God doesn't care if I believe in Him or not, He believes in me. And He is always there with me, not judging me or dictating my life, but offering me a greater way to live. He's giving me the choice! Wow! I don't know of anyone else who is so patient, so loving, and so creative in the ways He chooses to show His love for me.

One final thought. While visiting my grandparents over the holidays I had the great fortune of looking at old slides from when my grandparents were still young. Things seemed a lot simpler in those pictures. Those moments captured in time. And the way my grandfather narrated the whole presentation, it made me want the simple things in life. Not that this is some sort of New Year's resolution, but more of a shift in my soul, my spirt.