Regarding Creativity

I'm afraid that the creativity will run out. Just dry up. Like one days it's here and the next it's gone. Of course this is a silly thought. But don't most of us who make a living designing things depend on our creativity? Well, some would disagree. But you see my point? If our creativity were to just dry up where would that leave us?

Then it's a good thing we're not responsible for our creativity. We do not have control over our own creative ingenuity. It comes to us as a gift in many different forms and fashions. And thinking of it in this way helps free us from any guilt or judgements we want to put on ourselves. Like I've said before, let's allow ourselves to have all the stupid ideas we can muster, so when the good ones come along we can make room.

Chance of brainstorming

brainstorming Well, well, well. Glad to see we meet again young reader. You may have thought me a fool for not posting anything for quite some time, but ah-ha, that's where you're mistaken. Things may seem silent on the outside, but inside there are enough thoughts, ideas, earth-shattering plans to make you wet the bed at night.

But before I lose any more of you to unrelated topics like bed wetting, I would like to share some insight to my life over the past few weeks.

Collaboration Celebration

Over the past couple of weeks I have been collaborating on a small project with Ben Pasley for a website he has. He asked me to come up with a new brand/header image that would convey the message of his site to the readers. From the start I was given total creative freedom to do so, with no real boundaries except sticking to the site description; "Worship House Concerts". The site itself is part of the Ning network, so there wasn't much in the way of customizing the layout besides color. The existing theme on the site was dark and didn't feel very inviting or personal. So I chose a lighter palette for the new theme, which uses more natural warmer colors. The new branding/header image is really what sets this site apart from others though.

House Concert Resources

House Concert Resources

House Concert Resources

Collaborating on this project with Ben led him to call me up for another project he needed done on short notice. But I was more than happy to take on the challenge and deliver something of value and quality. What started as a small header image has now turned in to an ongoing creative relationship.

Organic Creativity

From start to finish, we all have different ways of completing a project. Some stick to rigid guides and timelines while others enjoy a more free-flowing, organic path. I think I would categorize myself in the latter simply because that's how I like to live my life. This is not to say that timelines and guidelines are not important, because they are. Otherwise, nothing would get done and our clients would end up with one hefty bill. But allowing yourself to draw outside the lines and follow that sudden burst of inspiration is what it means to be creative.

Design for the now

As most of you probably haven't heard, I am planning a total re-design/re-structure of my site. There are a lot of bridges to cross and many miles to walk before I will be releasing any sneaky peaks at it. So instead of whining I would like your encouragement to help me get through these initials phases of planning and brainstorming. And if you're feeling lucky (well, are you punk?), give me a call or email and let's discuss what you like, don't like or think would be beneficial to my site. I can handle the constructive criticism of my peers, but please don't make an ass of yourself.


I would like to thank the following people:

Amanda Steed (@sweet_baby_jane) for putting up with me while I work late nights and haven't had much time to spend with you.

Aaron Irrizary (@aaroni268) for putting things in perspective about the design process. This was the boost I needed to quit getting caught up in all the details and just put something out there.

Garth Humbert (@IamGarth) for posing the question "when's your next blog post going up..." to me on twitter. It was like a double-shot of espresso to my monday morning.

The design community on twitter. You guys are such a huge inspiration.

thoughts on creativity

creative thoughts

"Creativity is more important than knowledge" -Albert Einstein

Over the past month I've turned my focus more internally to see what I might find. It's easy for me to find a new activity and become so engrossed in it that I lose site of the more important things. And this blog was becoming that distraction for me. Not that I regret it or think anything negative of it. Because my blog was, and will remain, a great tool for me to share who I am. But it's important for me to stop and look around once in a while at what my desire each day is set on.

The week before Christmas really took a toll on me. I was under a heavy workload with a tight deadline and all I could focus on was just making it through one more day. I didn't want to stop and enjoy the day for what it was. I was taking time for granted. I was being selfish with how I spent my time. And then I had to get all the pre-travel plans in order. Not that any of this is worth mentioning, but it felt like a heavy load to bare.

Can creativity really be lost once we've found it?

Why do I feel so empty and unable to make anything worthwhile?

Sometimes the easiest answers are always the ones we don't see. But when I drift away on some rickety float in to the middle of self-doubt I don't see anything but negative space all around me. A void. Yet the simplest things like a child smiling or the sky at sunset can turn my heart from red to green. And then I feel free again to accelerate in life. Because the real truth is God doesn't care if I believe in Him or not, He believes in me. And He is always there with me, not judging me or dictating my life, but offering me a greater way to live. He's giving me the choice! Wow! I don't know of anyone else who is so patient, so loving, and so creative in the ways He chooses to show His love for me.

One final thought. While visiting my grandparents over the holidays I had the great fortune of looking at old slides from when my grandparents were still young. Things seemed a lot simpler in those pictures. Those moments captured in time. And the way my grandfather narrated the whole presentation, it made me want the simple things in life. Not that this is some sort of New Year's resolution, but more of a shift in my soul, my spirt.